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 (măt′ər-hôrn′, mä′tər-)
A mountain, 4,478 m (14,692 ft) high, in the Pennine Alps on the Italian-Swiss border. It was first scaled in 1865.


(Placename) a mountain on the border between Italy and Switzerland, in the Pennine Alps. Height: 4477 m (14 688 ft). French name: Mont Cervin Italian name: Monte Cervino


(ˈmæt ərˌhɔrn)

a mountain on the border of Switzerland and Italy, in the Pennine Alps. 14,780 ft. (4505 m). French, Mont Cervin.
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Noun1.Matterhorn - a mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy (14,780 feet high)Matterhorn - a mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy (14,780 feet high); noted for its distinctive shape
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland - a landlocked federal republic in central Europe
Alps, the Alps - a large mountain system in south-central Europe; scenic beauty and winter sports make them a popular tourist attraction


[ˈmætəˌhɔːn] n the Matterhornil Cervino
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Observe how we will turn this seeming disaster into an advertisement; an advertisement for our soap; and the biggest one, to draw, that was ever thought of; an advertisement that will transform that Mount Washing- ton defeat into a Matterhorn victory.
They seemed actually suspended from the dark vault of heaven, and their gentle light shed a fairylike gleam over the snow-fields around the foot of the Matterhorn, which raised its stupendous pinnacle on high, penetrating to the heart of the Great Bear, and crowning itself with a diadem of his magnificent stars.
At half past five he happened to turn around, and "beheld the glorious spectacle of the Matterhorn, just touched by the rosy-fingered morning, and looking like a huge pyramid of fire rising out of the barren ocean of ice and rock around it.
In precisely the same spirit as a man may debate a project to ascend the Matterhorn or to cross Africa, John considered Alan's proposal, and, greatly daring, accepted it.
Blood will have to flow very funnily; blood will have to flow up the Matterhorn, before I will take it as a sign that I am to shed it.
Stetz, who joined the board in February 2003 and whose term expires in 2006, is president and managing director of Matterhorn Strategic Partners, LLC, a financial advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
To promote the debut of Old Spice's new Fresh Collection antiperspirant/deodorant--inspired by four well-known lands from across the globe, Fiji, Matterhorn, Denali and Cyprus--Old Spice is seeking two qualified candidates for internship positions to explore where freshness smells from.
Uegli - who prior to founding the Matterhorn Chef was recognized as one of the top local exponents of Italian alta cucina as chef at Adriano's in Bel-Air for 17 years - still, in my estimation, produces the best, fluffiest gnocchi in L.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- BMSI Holdings, the holding company for multiple financial services companies, including Matterhorn Financial Services, BMSI Marketing, and BancInsure, today announced a number of promotions and appointments following a meeting of the Board of Directors in Oklahoma City, OK.
In the first programme, British Everest climber Stephen Venables follows in the footsteps of Edward Whymper, who led seven men to the summit of the Matterhorn, the last unclimbed peak in the Alps.
It is known as the Welsh Matterhorn because of its distinctive pyramid shape, with sheer faces on either flank.