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Noun1.maturity date - the date on which an obligation must be repaidmaturity date - the date on which an obligation must be repaid
date, day of the month - the specified day of the month; "what is the date today?"
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M2 EQUITYBITES-March 7, 2019-Industrial Services of America extends some debt maturity dates
Global Banking News-March 7, 2019-Industrial Services of America extends some debt maturity dates
In other words, bond maturity dates set based on the original repayment schedule are vulnerable to the possibility that principal may not be paid in full by the maturity dates.
The previous mortgage loans that were refinanced were the Wachovia 1, Wachovia 2 and Wachovia 6 loans with final maturity dates in April 2017, and the JP Morgan Chase Marriott Fremont loan with a final maturity date in August 2019.
The maturity dates will be April 10, 2013 and July 19, 2017, respectively.
Although the loan documents contained no fixed maturity dates, they were the equivalent of demand loans (which are not uncommon in financing transactions).The initial advances were not evidenced by notes; however, notes were subsequently executed for the years at issue, thereby evidencing a fixed obligation to repay.
* Tabular presentation of expected future cash flow amounts and related contract terms categorized by expected maturity dates.
Look for intermediate term funds (seven to 10-year maturity dates), he says.
Although the transaction's hard credit enhancement (CE) and cash flows support an 'AAsf' rating for class B notes, as their maturity dates are five years after class A-5 notes maturity dates, the rational to maintain current rating of 'Asf' is due to the potential constraint of the Class A-5 notes.
DealVector communication network has achieved a 100 percent success rate in consent solicitations to extend maturity dates on nine Nelnet (NNI) trusts representing USD4.6 billion, the company said.
The rating of the Lusitano 4 class D notes is affected by the presence of 23 loans within the pools that have maturity dates beyond the legal final maturity dates of the rated notes and hence those funds received thereafter are excluded for the note repayment.