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moor 1

v. moored, moor·ing, moors
1. To make fast (a vessel, for example) by means of cables, anchors, or lines: moor a ship to a dock; a dirigible moored to a tower.
2. To fix in place; secure: a mailbox moored to the sidewalk with bolts. See Synonyms at fasten.
3. To provide with an abiding emotional attachment: a politician moored to the family back home.
1. To secure a vessel or aircraft with lines or anchors.
2. To be secured with lines or anchors: The freighter moored alongside the wharf.

[Middle English moren.]

moor 2

An uncultivated area covered with low-growing vegetation and often high but poorly drained.

[Middle English mor, from Old English mōr.]


1. A member of a traditionally Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab ancestry, now living chiefly in northwest Africa.
2. One of the Muslims who invaded Spain in the 8th century and established a civilization in Andalusia that lasted until the late 15th century.

[Middle English More, from Old French, from Medieval Latin Mōrus, from Latin Maurus, Mauritanian, from Greek Mauros.]


Muslims of mixed Berber and Arab descent conquering Spain 711–1492.
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On his departure the ape-man, with Abdul, wandered again into the streets of Sidi Aissa, where he was soon attracted by the wild din of sound coming from the open doorway of one of the numerous CAFES MAURES. It was after eight, and the dancing was in full swing as Tarzan entered.
Contract notice: land mapping of vulnerable sectors and hydraulic developments in the papi territory of the maures coasts (83)
- Realisation d'une etude de collecte des eaux des Hammams (bains maures d'El Hamma)pour l'irrigation avant la fin de 2019.
Une fois en Algerie, Maupassant se met illico a la recherche des femmes voilees, du harem, des maisons closes, des saveurs exotiques, du soleil, du desert, des palmiers, des dromadaires, des chevaliers enturbannes, des esclaves, des bains maures, etc.
Goins led both projects through Maures Development, a firm she founded in 2006, and worked with Jeffers on the project before joining the company earlier this year.
Assad.Le SG du HCA a aussi annoncUu[c] qu'une grande exposition pUu[c]dagogique sur les Numides et les Maures en Afrique centrale est mise Uu la disposition du grand public, et sillonnera durant le mois en cours des Uu[c]tablissements scolaires et de formation professionnelle.
Summary: Some 1,700 firefighters were focusing their attention on a swathe of territory in the Maures hills
Traffic investigator SPO1 Van Balabat, of the Jagna police station, told the Inquirer that Enoc was with his baby and the child's nanny, Venus Maures, while heading home to Barangay Looc in Jagna when the accident happened.
Selon Fernandes (6), l'islamisation dans l'Afrique de l'Ouest s'est faite par l'intermediaire des marabouts arabes et maures, mais surtout dans les classes dominantes et moins dans le milieu populaire.
Circa 46 BC, the Roman army entered West Africa where they encountered black Africans whom they called Maures from the Greek adjective mauros, meaning dark or black.
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Com isto, o objetivo deste estudo foi averiguar a assertividade de mulheres dependentes de crack, internadas em comunidade terapeutica, durante a sexta sessao "Recusas Eficazes", retirada do livro "Tratamento em grupo para usuarios de drogas: Um manual de Terapia baseado nos Estagios de Mudanca" (Velasquez, Maures, Crouch & Diclemente, 2013).