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 (môr-wä′), André Pen name of Émile Herzog. 1885-1967.
French writer noted for his essays, biographies, and novels, including Atmosphere of Love (1929) and The Family Circle (1932).


(French mɔrwa)
(Biography) André (ɑ̃dre), pen name of Émile Herzog. 1885–1967, French writer, best known for his biographies, such as those of Shelley, Byron, and Proust



André (Émile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog), 1885–1967, French writer.
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Noun1.Maurois - French writer best known for his biographies (1885-1967)
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Francois Maurois claimed that her talent bursts forth on every page.
His real name was Antonio Francisco Lisboa; he was called the "sublime little one" by Marlo de Andrade and "the mulatto El Greco" by Andre Maurois. Aleijadinho was the most prominent artist of his day, and his works grace most of the churches of the cities of gold.
The alliance with Britain was to be stressed not only with English lessons but also in talks on English subjects by authors such as Andre Maurois and Andre Gide, while Paul Valery, Francois Mauriac, Pierre Benoit, and others were to discuss various aesthetic problems involved in the creation of a work of art.
(12) Andre Maurois' Disraeli (1927), for instance, a literary sensation written in Strachey's vein, was altogether ignored as history, scholars continuing to prefer Monypenny and Buckle's six-volume Official Life (1910-1920) and, later, Lord Blake's one-volume tome (1966) which is suspiciously like it.
Maurois came under the formative influence of the stimulating French philosopher and teacher Alain (Emile Chartier).
(24) Andre Maurois, Marshal Lyautey (London, 1931); Barnett Singer, "Lyautey: An Interpretation of the Man and French Imperialism," Journal of Contemporary History 26 (1991): 131-157; Alan Scham, Lyautey in Morocco: Protectorate Administration, 1912-1925 (Berkeley, 1970); Douglas Porch, The Conquest of Morocco (New York, 1982); Henri Lerner, Catroux (Paris, 1990), 26-31; Daniel Rivet, Lyautey et l'institution du protectorat francais au Maroc, 1912-1925 (Paris, 1988) 1: 202-7.
Readers are drawn to him not because he was an ordinary mortal but because they sense that he was somehow larger than life--as the young Andre Maurois saw when he was posted to his battalion during the Great War and came to think of Alcibiades as "Winston Churchill, without the hats." People read about Churchill with the same fascination that Maurois felt as he observed him in person: in hopes of peering round the curtain that separates a middling life from one that is grand, or of profiting from Churchill's example, or at least of being warmed and heartened by it.
One of the most compelling aspects of the volume is the impressive list of essay authors, all biographers: Andre Maurois, Leon Edel, Paul Murray Kendall, Frank E.
A despeito das divergencias sobre o carater da obra plutarquiana, frisamos que Plutarco nao centrou sua narrativa no individuo, o que iria ao encontro da definicao de biografo formulado [sic!] por Maurois, segundo o qual o biografo toma um individuo como o centro, devendo ser o personagem o autor dos acontecimentos do inicio ao fim (p.
La critique francaise perpetue en fait l'interrogation d'Andre Maurois, reprise par Maurice-Edgar Coindreau dans ses Apercus de litterature americaine : regrettant la cruaute des univers fictionnels, il cite le Voyage en Amerique de 1939 : << Pourquoi les auteurs peignent-ils des monstres (21)?
(2) See Maurois, 1954, 252, "Le choix du nom etait un coup de genie.
5am bugle call left me fumingWORN-OUT Odile Maurois has divorced her military-mad hubby - after he woke her with a bugle call at 5am every morning for two years.