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The rangers recovered five Kalashnikovs (AK-47) two 9-MM submachine gun (MP-5), one 9-MM MP-5 mauser gun with silencer, one Union Barrel Rocket Launcher (UBRL), one SMG safeguard, one 32-bore mauser, three 9-MM pistols with silencer, two Glock pistols, one NP-22 pistol, one 9-MM Stoeger pistol, 11 HE-36 grenades, 23 magazines of SMGs, 14 MP-5 magazines, eight Glock pistol magazines, 20 9-MM pistol magazines, one 30-bore magazine, six 32-bore mauser pins and 1655 different types of rounds.
Group leader Michael Reid, 29, had suffered terrible injuries after being mauled by the bear, but managed to kill it using a Mauser gun, the Svalbard police inquiry went on.