Maverick brand

1.A brand originated by a dishonest cattleman, who, without owning any stock, gradually accumulates a herd by finding mavericks.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Half Moon Bay in May launched three session beers under its Maverick brand: a Belgian-style Wit, a Rye Pale Ale and a Chocolate Porter.
But Lynx's senior brand manager at Unilever, Duncan Robertson, told the B and T website the product was a "maverick brand aimed at young men who like their humour sharp and edgy".
The Congress party, which heads the ruling coalition, however, says that there is no scope for the rollback, fuelling speculations that the Congress party may be fanning a rebellion within the Trinamool Congress in a bid to weaken it considering Banerjee has been proving a pain in the neck of the party with her maverick brand of politics.
When Obama kneecaps his own rhetoric and dilutes his positioning as a different kind of politician, he is also giving his opponent a huge opening to reassert the McCain as Maverick brand. We know that McCain has completely abandoned any legitimate claim on his maverick image, but the echoes of that reputation are still very much with us--especially among many in the media who would love nothing more than to be able to once again portray McCain as the real leader they fell in love with in 2000.
Prima Pizza is available in China under the Maverick brand produced by Heshan, Guangdong-based Dragon Island Foods.
It is expected that Big's creative, reflecting King of Shaves' anti-establishment and maverick brand values, will hit the airwaves by the end of the year and will focus on the core target market of 16 to 35 year old males.
Sue Hearn, the label's PR events manager, enthuses, "Skyy is a maverick brand within our industry, in the same way that indic film is seen as cutting edge, innovative, sometimes sexy.
Maverick, a privately held company, makes and distributes specialty food prep appliances, indoor electric grills and electronic food probe thermometers under the Maverick brand name.
Ten King Soopers currently carry the product line, which arrives in boxed primal form, ready to be cut up, packaged and labeled with the Maverick brand. It will be distributed to other supermarkets only by individual request, Bales says.
All these are available for major key players such as Vita Coco, Coca-Cola (Zico), Pepsico (ONE,Amacoco), Naked Juice, Maverick Brands, Taste Nirvana and C2O Coconut Water
Immediately the big ranchers offered a bonus of $2 per head for every maverick branded, and Bijah Catlow, who worked with all the whole-hearted enthusiasm with which he played, plunged into the business of branding cattle to get rich.
"The Canon of Maverick Brands" is a collection of three novellas set in the sweeping old western period with plenty of thrills and the time of lawlessness and discovery.