Maverick brand

1.A brand originated by a dishonest cattleman, who, without owning any stock, gradually accumulates a herd by finding mavericks.
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The Congress party, which heads the ruling coalition, however, says that there is no scope for the rollback, fuelling speculations that the Congress party may be fanning a rebellion within the Trinamool Congress in a bid to weaken it considering Banerjee has been proving a pain in the neck of the party with her maverick brand of politics.
Prima Pizza is available in China under the Maverick brand produced by Heshan, Guangdong-based Dragon Island Foods.
It is expected that Big's creative, reflecting King of Shaves' anti-establishment and maverick brand values, will hit the airwaves by the end of the year and will focus on the core target market of 16 to 35 year old males.
Sue Hearn, the label's PR events manager, enthuses, "Skyy is a maverick brand within our industry, in the same way that indic film is seen as cutting edge, innovative, sometimes sexy.
While Hayden has championed some Valley causes, including support of a secession study and breakup of the LAUSD, his strong ties to labor and maverick brand of politics work against him.
Maverick, a privately held company, makes and distributes specialty food prep appliances, indoor electric grills and electronic food probe thermometers under the Maverick brand name.
Like my former agency, Matador is a maverick brand that is not shackled by the constraints of holding company ownership," said Ornelas.
I think that ever since maverick brands came along in the mid 90s it reminded everyone that, ultimately, cosmetics are all about fun.
It's notable that Pepsi will diverge from its usual heavy media spending tactics and instead will use the guerrilla tactics employed by successful maverick brands such as South Beach Beverage Co.