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 (mou′lə-myīn′, -lä-myīn′)
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Noun1.Mawlamyine - a port city of southern Myanmar on the Gulf of Martaban
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We are preparing to upgrade three domestic airports: Kawthaung Airport in Tanintharyi, Heho Airport in Shan and Mawlamyaing Airport in Mon, U Ye Htut Aung said.
In addition, this corridor will connect to the GMS East-West Corridor (EWC), which begins at Danang in Vietnam and ends at Mawlamyaing in Myanmar.
Nevertheless, authorities reported punishing four police officers who were members of the Anti-Trafficking Task Force in Mawlamyaing for taking money from Burmese attempting to gain employment overseas; one police captain was forced to retire, two police lieutenants were demoted, and one policeman lost one year's seniority.