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Noun1.Max Born - British nuclear physicist (born in Germany) honored for his contributions to quantum mechanics (1882-1970)Max Born - British nuclear physicist (born in Germany) honored for his contributions to quantum mechanics (1882-1970)
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There are nonetheless some surprises: Newton-John, we learn, is the granddaughter of Max Born, a Nobel-prize winning physicist, a Jew who left Germany with his family in 1933.
Einstein relied on others too, such as Michele Angelo Besso, Neils Bohr, and Max Born. Great leaders also do best when they find mentors and mentees.
Antonio Campos, director of The Sinner, will co-write and direct the film, which will be produced by Randall Poster, Ninestories' Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker, and Max Born.
As Wolfgang Pauli explained to Max Born, (4) Einstein's point of departure is realistic rather than deterministic--but people, Born included, would not listen.
1954 - Nobel for physics awarded to Max Born & Walter Bothe.
Google Doodle celebrated the 135th birthday of renowned German physicist and Nobel laureate Max Born on Monday.
But in 1921 there was appointed to the chair of physics Max Born, who began a series of seminars that brought there everyone interested in atomic physics.
Einstein's writings in the years leading up to quantum mechanics include correspondence with Max Planck, Max Born, Erwin Schrodinger and Hermann Weyl.
Almost 100 years ago physicists Werner Heisenberg, Max Born und Erwin Schr|dinger created a new field of physics: quantum mechanics.
It's triple wedding bells over at the Vans camp with Johnny Layton marrying his beloved Drea Boo (baby on the way), Chris Pfanner tying the knot with his special lady (baby Max born awhile back), and Dustin Dollin hitching his wagon to the lovely Emelie (not expecting).
With son Max born in the North East 18 months ago and five-year-old daughter Savannah settled here, Breese plans to live in the region for some time yet.