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Noun1.Max Ernst - painter (born in Germany, resident of France and the United States) who was a cofounder of dadaismMax Ernst - painter (born in Germany, resident of France and the United States) who was a cofounder of dadaism; developed the technique of collage (1891-1976)
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Stationed in Marseilles in 1940, Fry procured visas, created false passports and sought out escape routes on both sea and land for almost 2,000 people, including Marc Chagall, Andre Breton and Max Ernst. His inherently dramatic tale is the basis for Julie Orringer's thoughtful and absorbing new novel, The Flight Portfolio.
Her enthusiasm for their work--wholly new to American eyes led her to France three years later, aged 29, with letters of introduction to Picasso, Max Ernst and others.
The unique thematic exhi-bi-tion presents works of art from 1900 to the present, with the 30 artists on show inlcuding Tacita Dean, Mark Dion, Jean Dubuf-fet, Max Ernst, Asger Jorn, Geor-gia O'Keeffe, Gerhard Richter, Frank Stella, Thomas Struth, Henri Rous-seau und Carle-ton E.
Contract notice: Lvr max ernst school, Euskirchen, Landscaping
He discusses the lives and personalities of Eileen Agar, Jean (Hans) Arp, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer, Victor Brauner, Andre Breton, Alexander Calder, Leonora Carrington, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dali, Paul Delvaux, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Leonor Fini, Wilhelm Freddie, Alberto Giacometti, Arshile Gorky, Wilfredo Lam, Conroy Maddox, Rene Magritte, Andre Masson, Roberto Matta, E.L.T.
Alumna destacada desde 1936 en la Academia de Arte fundada en Londres por el pintor y teorico frances Amemee Ozenfant en 1932, por esa epoca conocio a quien seria su pareja y de alguna manera la introduciria en el movimiento surrealista, el destacado e influyente pintor aleman Max Ernst.
Varias de estas relaciones tienen que ver con Mexico: Anni y Josef Albers, Leonora Carrington y Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera, Tina Modotti y Edward Weston ...
Repartidos por ocho nucleos tematicos, encontrara pinturas, tapetes, mascaras, libros y objetos personales de la artista, ademas de piezas especiales hechas con talentosos amigos entre los que destacan Max Ernst, Gunther Gerzso y Remedios Varo.
Some were internationally famous, such as Max Ernst, Oskar Kokoschka, or Max Beckmann, and chose to live abroad in exile.
Stylistically, Seingalt suggests a historical link between Surrealist collage pioneer Max Ernst and the medium's contemporary vanguards: Howard tips a hat to the elegant, mysterious combinations of Ernst's collages; she uses this understated and classic style to generate a mood reminiscent of the fiercely political nightmare fables of a younger generation of African-American collage artists.
Stockhausen's entourage included the pop singer Franchise Hardy, the gallerist and socialite Brigitte Schehade, and the Surrealists Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning, and Andre Masson.
A Franz Hals B Hans Arp C Max Ernst D Jan van Eyck 12.