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An oral drug of the triptan class, C15H19N5, used in its benzoate form to treat migraine headaches.

[riza- (shortening and alteration of triazole) + -triptan, triptan suffix; see triptan.]
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n rizatriptán m
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For the rizatriptan (Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT) tablet, animal data suggest low risk.
reference drug, Maxalt-MLT. Following the successful bioequivalence study, RedHill and IntelGenx announced in 2013 the submission to the FDA and acceptance for review of a New Drug Application (NDA) seeking marketing approval of RHB-103.
To test the hypothesis that placebo and medication treatment-related outcomes would improve progressively as the information provided to subjects varied from negative (indicating 0% chance of receiving active medication) to uncertain (indicating a 50% chance of receiving active medication) to positive (indicating 100% chance of receiving active medication), the investigators randomly assigned 66 adult subjects aged 18 years and older who had experienced episodic migraine in the past 3 years to receive placebo or active treatment with 10 mg of rizatriptan (Maxalt-MLT) during six migraine attacks.
Rizatriptan Benzoate ODT 5mg and 10mg are the generic equivalent of Merck's Maxalt-MLT ODT 5mg and 10mg.
Those who weighed less than 40 kg received 5 mg of rizatriptan orally disintegrating tablets (ODT; Maxalt-MLT), and those 40 kg or heavier received 10 mg within 30 minutes of a moderate to severe attack.