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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to either the upper or the lower jaw, but now usually applied to the upper jaw only.
2.(Zool.) Of or pertaining to a maxilla.
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The role of maxillar morphology in the development of pathological septal deformities.
In his history, it was learned that he underwent surgery and received radiotherapy because of medulloblastoma at the age of three years, enucleation was performed in the right eye because of retinoblastoma at the age of 10 years, he underwent surgery because of a BCC located in the right palpebra at the same age, and was recently found to have mandibular and maxillar cysts on X-rays obtained owing to dental deformations.
New material: Upper dentition: PC-GCUF 12/08, left I3; PC-GCUF 11/182, right P3; PC-GCUF 12/03, right P4; PC-GCUF 11/162, right maxillar fragment with P3-4; PC-GCUF 11/156, right M2; PC-GCUF 10/78, left M2; PC-GCUF 12/24, left M3; PC-GCUF 12/34, right maxillar fragment with M2-3.
Intraoral examination revealed presence of caries lesion with maxillar right first premolar (14).