Maxims, Proverbs and Sayings

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Maxims, Proverbs and Sayings

  1. Browsing through a book of proverb … it’s like taking a turn in a garden … full of roses and fruit, where the bushes speak to you; and I come back rested, with smiles in my mind —Anatole France
  2. Figures of speech are risky; for in art, as in arithmetic, many have no head for figures —G. K. Chesterton
  3. Genuine proverbs are like good (kambrick) needles, short, sharp, and shiny —Josh Billings

    The first word was originally in Billings’ phonetic dialect: ‘ginowine.’

  4. His sayings are generally like women’s letters; all the pith is in the postscript —William Hazlitt

    The man with the pith in his postscripts was Charles Lamb.

  5. Like many cliches, it has the ring of truth —Anon
  6. A man of maxims only is like a Cyclops with one eye, and that eye placed in the back of his head —Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  7. Maxims are like lawyers who must needs see but one side of the case —Gelett Burgess
  8. Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions —Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. A proverb without wisdom is like a body without a foot —Moses Ibn Ezra
  10. Rustic sayings which she threw, like flowers, into the conversation —Anatole France
  11. A saying is like a fruit; one has first to eat it … before one can know its taste —Sholem Asch
  12. Sayings by wise men … they are like burning glasses, as they collect the diffused rays of wit and learning in authors, and make them point with warmth and quickness on the reader’s imagination —Jonathan Swift
  13. Sayings by wise men … they are of great value, like the dust of gold, or the sparks of diamonds —John Tillotson
  14. Similes are like songs on love: they much describe; they nothing prove —Matthew Prior
  15. Similes dangle like baubles from me —William H. Gass
  16. A word [that’s been overused] … lost its identity like an old coat in a second-hand shop —Anaĩs Nin
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