Maxwell's equations

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Noun1.Maxwell's equations - four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields
differential equation - an equation containing differentials of a function
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For instance, in 1878, George FitzGerald discovered that by identifying e with magnetic force, where e is the displacement vector in MacCullagh's theory, and curl e with dialectric displacement, he could obtain the same expressions for kinetic and potential energy in Maxwell's theory as in MacCullagh's, which made MacCullagh's theory of reflection and refraction of light correct in the electromagnetic field free of charges and conduction currents.
When considering electromagnetic field as the matter source to construct black hole solution in Einstein gravity, one usually use the standard Maxwell's theory of U(1) gauge field.
Making Waves Ironically, of course, 1888 was the year in which Heinrich Hertz's discovery of electromagnetic waves provided the final vindication of Maxwell's theory and, by opening the doors to radio, opened another door for Preece and his career.
However, I have been especially drawn to some salient features of Maxwell's theory of electricity and magnetism that appear to have been ignored, underemphasized, or possibly overlooked in later textbooks and historical accounts of his work--at least those with which I am familiar.
TV INVENTOR WOULDN'T HAVE PUT UP WITH THIS..GREAT SCOTTISH CREATIONS Colour photography: James Maxwell's theory, based on mixing red, green and blue colours of light, led him to create the world's first colour photograph in 1861.
According to Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism, the electric potential energy for a particle of non-zero rest mass in an electric field [V.sub.e] is given by
The definitive experimental verification of Maxwell's theory came in 1886 through a series of experiments conducted by Heinrich Hertz.