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Noun1.Maxwell Anderson - United States dramatist (1888-1959)
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The members of the advisory board are: Alex Kyriakidis, Alistair Gosling, Bill Reese, Bob Ward, Gilda Perez-Alvarado, Maxwell Anderson, Michael Johnson, Michael Pask, Rosa Zeegers, Stephen Schwarzman, and Tim Richards.
PM&L Theatre will present Maxwell Anderson's "Bad Seed," directed by Regina Reynolds, whose previous PM&L directing credits include "Uncommon Women and Others" and "Censored on Final Approach."
"For it's a long, long while from May to December / But the days grow short when you reach September." - Maxwell Anderson
This play by Pulitzer Prize winner Maxwell Anderson first bowed more than 80 years ago, but it seems hauntingly familiar in its scathing look at a divided Congress, legislators favoring private over public agendas, and more political shenanigans than you can shake a pork-Laden bill at.
By Maxwell Anderson, based on the novel by William March, directed by Don Konopacki.
Tara MomstheBoss Lukach: He really should step down so that he will not ever have anything to do with future legal dealings regarding the murder of Maxwell Anderson. If Andi Davis is ever charged in connection with this and needs to appeal, he needs not to be sitting at the top.
But then-director Maxwell Anderson resisted, and Sanitation stayed.
When Kurt Weill wrote the haunting melody for "September Song and Maxwell Anderson penned the equally poignant lyrics, neither had hunters in mind.
Weill and librettist Maxwell Anderson fashioned a tuneful and witty operetta to frame a darker satirical exploration of political corruption, economic exploitation and the perils of a despotic concentration of business and government.
The Playwrights' Company, a New York-based organization formed by such notable writers as Maxwell Anderson and Robert E.
Every time the dialogue strays from the original script, by Broadway playwright and Pulitzer Prize-winner Maxwell Anderson, the Facilitator tosses a tissue to the floor.