Maxwell's equations

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Noun1.Maxwell's equations - four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields
differential equation - an equation containing differentials of a function
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Maxwell Equation: Inverse Scattering in Electromagnetism
numerical results for the plasmon propagation by solving the Maxwell equation show channel switching by the magnetic field reversal with a 99-%-high contrast within the optical bandwidth of tens of THz.
In this paper, electromagnetic responses of medium are obtained by solving Maxwell equation using staggered grid finite difference method.
If we want to obtain the unique solution to Maxwell equation within V, we must initialize the electromagnetic fields E and H within V at time t = 0.
In what follows we will essentially discuss the Maxwell equation regarding the divergence-free property of the magnetic induction field, in order to give a new interpretation of it.
It has been shown that the Maxwell equation works well when the dispersed phase has a lower permeability than the continuous phase (21-23), which is the case when the dispersed phase is crystalline and the continuous phase is amorphous.
Helmholtz equations are cited at least eight times, yet the term Maxwell equation appears only once.
Caption: Figure 2: Visualization of the difference method applied to the Maxwell equation [epsilon] [[partial derivative].sub.t][E.sub.y] + [J.sub.y] = [[partial derivative].sub.z][H.sub.x] - [[partial derivative].sub.x][H.sub.z].
The validity of this analysis can be further demonstrated from the homogeneous Maxwell equation [14]
He gently steps readers through the Maxwell equation, plane lines, closed waveguides, closed resonators, open lines, antenna theory, and diffraction on metallic and dielectric objects, and includes both general and complementary references.
On the other hand, an inequality is obtained for the inhomogeneous Maxwell equation