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They had been attending a May Day festival at Greenton; and that serves to fix the date.
The May days crept away in a sweet succession and the shores of Four Winds Harbor greened and bloomed and purpled.
It was one of them lovely warm May days, and the wind was blowing and the colts jumping around in the pastures; but I felt bowed with despair.
Other cities across the country followed suit but, once war broke out in 1939, the May Day Horse Parades died out.
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The main May day procession will be taken out from View Point near Quaid-e-Azam Stadium Chowk under the auspices of the Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party and the AJK PWD Workers Union and other labour organizations, JKPNPs Central Senior Vice Chairman Raja Zulfiqar Advocate told here on Thursday.
KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) -- Workers in Russia and South Korea took to the streets on Friday to mark the International Workers Day, commonly known as May Day or Labor Day, an annual occasion when they demand more payment or better working environment.
Clashes took place between several groups of protesters and the police over the groups' insistence on holding May Day rallies in ystanbul's central Taksim Square, which has historical resonance as a place for workers.
A TRADITIONAL May Day rally took place in Huddersfield at the weekend.
Traditionally, May Day was a pagan holy day marking the first spring planting.
THE Tyne and Wear May Day March and Rally takes place in Newcastle today .
May Day is a traditional celebration for trade unionists and workers that was born in the struggle for the eight-hour day, 125 years ago.