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also may·pole  (mā′pōl′)
A pole decorated with streamers that those celebrating May Day hold while dancing.
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a tall pole fixed upright in an open space during May-Day celebrations, around which people dance holding streamers attached at its head
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n. (often l.c.)
a pole, decorated with flowers and ribbons, around which people dance on May Day.
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Noun1.Maypole - a vertical pole or post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers celebrating May Daymaypole - a vertical pole or post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers celebrating May Day
post - an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position; "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them"
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fırdöndümayıs/bahar direği


[ˈmeɪpəʊl] Nmayo m
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[ˈmeɪpəʊl] nmât m enrubanné (autour duquel on danse)
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(mei) noun
the fifth month of the year, the month following April.
May Day
the first day of May, an especially socialist holiday or festival in many countries.
ˈmaypole noun
a decorated pole for dancing round on May Day.
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Trumpets brayed, the moon came out, and immediately a thousand couples seized hold of its rays as if they were ribbons in a May dance and waltzed in wild abandon round the fairy ring.
"Oh, you may dance without knowing how; may you not, milord?" said Madame de Bellegarde.
At a more liberal affair, the groom may dance with his new bride before they are seated at the kosha -- a designated area of honour for the bride and groom to be seated in plain sight of all where they can be viewed with admiration.
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, 0151 478 4199 - Thu, 30 May Dance Showcase - Under His Eye For their annual summer production, the second year dancers will present an evening of dynamic and thoughtprovoking dance, inspired by The Handmaid's Tale.
Paul: No, because you can still say 'This is a bit like watching Theresa May dance in front of a load of African children'.
A pulsating countdown party awaits at Columbus from 10:00PM onwards where guests may dance and sing along with Human Race as it performs Madonna's classic hits.
You may dance in a pool of shade by a darkening lake and smoke pot with
It may dance a little, but once you get used to the new dot picture, it is intuitive and fast.
First held in 1788, the Cadi Ha is a ritual May dance which has become a popular fixture in the town.
| MAY DANCE : The White Rose Morris Men's performance, above and inset, at day break on Castle Hill on Wednesday
* Colorado exchange plans, brokers may dance with all
"So Governor Romney may dance around his positions.