May flower

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(Bot.) a plant that flowers in May; also, its blossom. See Mayflower, in the vocabulary.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Altogether, what between March winds, April showers, and the entire absence of May flowers, spring is not a success in cities.
She thought so herself; but as spring came on, the seed of new virtues, planted in the winter time, and ripened by the sunshine of endeavor, began to bud in Polly's nature, betraying their presence to others by the added strength and sweetness of her character, long before she herself discovered these May flowers that had blossomed for her underneath the snow.
So spake our general Mother, and with eyes Of conjugal attraction unreprov'd, And meek surrender, half imbracing leand On our first Father, half her swelling Breast Naked met his under the flowing Gold Of her loose tresses hid: he in delight Both of her Beauty and submissive Charms Smil'd with superior Love, as JUPITER On JUNO smiles, when he impregns the Clouds That shed MAY Flowers; and press'd her Matron lip With kisses pure: aside the Devil turnd For envie, yet with jealous leer maligne Ey'd them askance, and to himself thus plaind.
There are a number of Carline sub-species growing in Cyprus and some may flower as late as October, they make an attractive table display because they retain their colour and form for months after cutting.
This May Flower Festival features the statue of the Blessed Virgin on a float decorated with flowers and lights.
May FLOWER MOON The full moon of May is named after the early summer floral boom across horticulture and agriculture.
Manufactures of sanitary paper have found that 3-ply toilet paper products have started to sell exceptionally well this year, with Costco finding that in addition to its in-house brand Kirkland, three-layered tissue paper from Kleenex and May Flower are also very popular.
May flower, balloon, teddy bear, usual Valentine preparation.
Sansawon, which means a garden of the Sansa (May flower) tree, houses the Home Brewing Culture Gallery, the BSMB Market, and the Sansa Garden.
Mae'r dywediad Saesneg "Cast ne'er a clout, Till the May is out" yn un sy'n ddigon cyfarwydd, a'r cyfeiriad at y "May flower", sef blodyn y ddraenen wen yn hytrach na mis Mai, ond dydw i erioed yn cofio gweld y ddraenen wen yn ei blodau ar 22ain Ebrill o'r blaen.
Blitz stragglers Cut straggly pansy plants back hard to encourage strong new shoots to grow from the base which may flower again during mild winter and spring months.