May fly

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(Zool.) any species of Ephemera, and allied genera; - so called because the mature flies of many species appear in May. See Ephemeral fly, under Ephemeral.

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References in classic literature ?
And if he does not, David, the devil may fly away with him, for what I care; for he will no be worth the salt to his porridge.
Glad, I ween, will he be to rest his knees who may fly my spear when I wield it.
It is enough that my cherished dreams of Venice have been blighted forever as to the romantic gondola and the gorgeous gondolier; this system of destruction shall go no farther; I will accept the hearse, under protest, and you may fly your flag of truce in peace, but here I register a dark and bloody oath that you shan't sing.
Come, my friends such of you as are left, follow me to the banquet-hall, lest any more of us disappear it is, I trust, as yet tolerably furnished, as becomes the obsequies of an ancient Saxon noble; and should we tarry any longer, who knows but the devil may fly off with the supper?
Yesterday was the first day of our coming here; we have a few of what they say are called field-tents pitched among the trees on the bank of an ample brook that fertilises all these meadows; last night we spread these nets in the trees here to snare the silly little birds that startled by the noise we make may fly into them.
Then against such chances the children must be at once furnished with wings, in order that in the hour of need they may fly away and escape.
We three shall to the wars together, and the devil may fly away with the Abbot of Beaulieu
But then just seconds later, the fish's movement intensifies and it appears it may fly off the deep fried fish pan.
Singapore Airlines (SIA) may fly high this year, after an uninspiring 2017.
Mechanicals may fly a little better at longer distances.
They suggested that ruddy shelducks wintering further east in India may fly even higher, given the higher terrain that lies north of India.
love in the air Meghan and Harry may fly over falls