May game

any May-day sport.

See also: May

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Yung shots nila, we planned for those shots, alam naman naming maganda ititra nila from three points, may game plan naman eh.
Results of the Scottish singles May game at Law saw R Shearer v G Millar from Carnwath on a score of 21-17; June game between R Shearer v S McDonald at Motherwell scored 21-17; R Shearer v F Simpson scored 15-21 at Newarthill; F Simpson v I Bell scored 9-21 at Wranholm.
'Inoffer ko na yan kay Kobe in the beginning, and Andre but too busy, si Kobe laging may practice or may game.' she said.
We sold 521 tickets to the May game raising $1,042 for nursing scholarships.
Kailangan every time na may game kami ng Ginebra, focused ang mind namin at katawan namin dahil alam namin na gustong-gusto rin nila manalo,' the animated and equally outspoken forward said.
"Over the past couple of years I've really took strides in the right direction and I feel may game has got quite a considerable amount better," said Sam, who is one of Paul Broadhurst's four children with wife Lorraine.
"I've concentrated really hard on the defensive part of may game and it's come on well in the last 12 months.
1592 or 1594, printed 1599), possibly by Robert Greene, maintain elements of the pastoral May game Robin Hood and lusty Marian.
Ticket sales for the Marlins' first 22 home games averaged 20,170, down from 29,555 last season, and one May game sold only 12,806 tix, the fewest in team history.
" Game made PS15million in profits in the year to the end of July and are expected to more than double that figure he current OpCapita, by financier Jackson, may Game's fortunes were widely their running chain Comet.
Bale is also back for this game having missed the May game with the back problem that stopped his Olympic involvement; only West Ham pair James Collins and Jack Collison have withdrawn from the squad to add to Wayne Hennessey's long-term injury.
That gives him every chance of playing in the May game.