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Cecelia taught the basics of folk and square dance to her students who displayed their dances at the annual May Day Programs which included wrapping a May Pole which she would make from discarded carpet spools and sheets with school colors.
As a child, I remember dancing around the May Pole with friends and wearing flower garlands on that day, and this tradition is still carried out in some places.
As they started dancing around him en masse as though he was some sort of human May Pole - all the while chanting his name to the tune of Bread of Heaven - I realised he hadn't been exaggerating at all.
Bill Quay Farm Birthday Bill Quay Farm is celebrating its 30th birthday on May Day with a fun filled day of activities including party games, arts and crafts, story telling, dry stone walling, meeting small animals, pig racing, and decorating the farm's May Pole.
There's also traditional May Pole dancing in the afternoon on May 25 and join Ricardo the Pirate and Smarty Marty the Clown at the Forest Theatre for unforgettable shows and challenges.
Perhaps a May pole stood there once - when the old ground felt the fun of eager steps and the dewy grass was young.
During the week, students from the Infants' School took part in May Pole dancing and Country Dancing, and held a street party where they sang traditional songs, including Daisy, Daisy.
The old(e) world encounters the new at Ormskirk in 1903, when the features announced include both the crowning of the May Queen, replete with 'Court Attendants and Retainers, Morris Dancers, May Pole Dancers, Athletic and Old English Sports &c', and the presence of a 'CINEMATOGRAPH.
May Pole: Harold Parmenter, Buddie Bates, Ray Schmidt, Stanley McRell, Ray Steele, Grace McDermott, and Phyllis Alexander.
In this country I took many photographs of May celebrations in the villages either around the May Pole or similar celebrations to the Continentals.
People then dance around the May pole, holding the ends of the streamers or ribbons in their hands.
Another traditional activity is the May pole dance where participants dance around a May Pole.