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(Russian məjɪˈkɔfskij) or


(Biography) Vladimir Vladimirovich (vlaˈdimir vlaˈdimirəvitʃ). 1893–1930, Russian Futurist poet and dramatist. His poems include 150 000 000 (1921) and At the Top of my Voice (1930); his plays include Vladimir Mayakovsky — a Tragedy (1913) and The Bedbug (1929)
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or Ma•ya•kov•sky

(ˌmɑ yəˈkɔf ski, -ˈkɒf-)

Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1893–1930, Russian poet.
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Noun1.Mayakovski - Soviet poet; leader of Russian futurism (1893-1930)
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"The reconstruction works are conducted on the streets of Masaliyev, Lenin, Mayakovsky and Sultanov.
Here to give Cyprus a taste of its theatre and literature, is a monologue performance based on the poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky.
MATTHEW DICKMAN is the author of All-American Poem, Mayakovsky's
He mentions some of the most important figures of the literary movement in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century--figures like Fyodor Sologub, Valery Bryusov, Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Velimir Khebnikov, and Alexander Blok.
Soon, the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (also an artist by training) took on a leading role in their collective production, attracting a number of well-known artists, among them Aleksandr Rodchenko.
The turning point in Duvakin's biography was the offer from the State Literary Museum to organize an exhibition dedicated to recently deceased poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poet happened to be akin to Duvakin's heart and literary interests and all his life from that point on became connected with Mayakovsky.
On April 14th 1930, when news came that Vladimir Mayakovsky had just committed suicide most people were in for a shock:
The course continues its exploration of the role of men and women in history, focusing on personalities, from Napoleon to Mussolini and from Wagner to Vladimir Mayakovsky.
I once heard Yevtushenko recite Vladimir Mayakovsky's Socialist-Surrealist ode "A Cloud in Trousers" (1915) at a dinner party at Irving and Lucy Sandler's that was also attended by Elizabeth Murray and Bob Holman.
As a prelude to the film, Orlow showed a series of death masks -- including Lenin, Tolstoy, Eisenstein and Mayakovsky -- made by Sergey Merkurov, a Gyumri-born sculptor.