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An island of the eastern Comoro Islands in the Mozambique Channel of the Indian Ocean. It remained a French territory after the other islands declared their independence in 1975.


(French majɔt)
(Placename) an island in the Indian Ocean, northwest of Madagascar; administered by France. Pop (including Pamanzi): 186 026 (2004 est). Area: 374 sq km (146 sq miles)



one of the Comoro Islands, in the Indian Ocean: a dependency of France. 77,300; 144 sq. mi. (373 sq. km).
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Tenders are invited forSupply and delivery of printing works and advertising material for the ars oi - delegation of the mayotte island
Surely, the group was never called a Christian union and no one admitted that it had a Christian background or ideology, but it is true that there is no Muslim country in the European Union, except for Mayotte Island, a small Muslim land in Africa that European Union had to admit in 2014, as it was officially annexed by France.
These results helped evaluate RVFV circulation on Mayotte island before the 2007-2008 outbreak on the eastern Africa mainland.