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 (măz′ə-răN′), Jules Originally Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino. 1602-1661.
Italian-born French cardinal who exercised great political influence as adviser to the regent during Louis XIV's youth.


(ˈmæzərɪn; French mazarɛ̃)
(Biography) Jules (ʒyl), original name Giulio Mazarini. 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy. He succeeded Richelieu (1642) as chief minister to Louis XIII and under the regency of Anne of Austria (1643–61). Despite the disturbances of the Fronde (1648–53), he strengthened the power of France in Europe


(ˌmæz əˈrɛ̃, -ˈrin)

Jules (Giulio Mazarini), 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy.
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In ten minutes Mazarin and his party were traversing the street "Les Bons Enfants" behind the theatre built by Richelieu expressly for the play of "Mirame," and in which Mazarin, who was an amateur of music, but not of literature, had introduced into France the first opera that was ever acted in that country.
Just so," muttered Comminges, looking after Mazarin.
They pitied the young king, who was unconsciously ruining his country, and threw all the odium of his proceedings on Mazarin.
Mazarin and Guitant conversed together in whispers.
Yes, but you understand French," and Mazarin laid his hand upon Guitant's shoulder.
Mazarin bit his lips as he spoke; "I know your devotion to her majesty.
de Mazarin, a scene of another sort was being enacted in those apartments.
said Mazarin, when the valet had gone out; "not yet forty millions
Like a good uncle, Mazarin felt disposed to facilitate the confidence.
exclaimed Mazarin, with a hoarse voice and a disdainful movement of his lips.
said the cardinal, sharply; "why had he not, as you have, a Jules Mazarin by his side?
Sire," replied Mazarin, "I thank you for your good opinion with regard to myself, but we have nothing to do yonder: they are a set of madmen who deny God, and cut off the heads of their kings.