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(ˈbi ni, əmˈbi-)
the mainland portion of Equatorial Guinea, on the Gulf of Guinea. 10,040 sq. mi. (26,003 sq. km). Formerly, Río Muni.
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This act is part of the program of the Maria Reina de Mbini patron saint and has been characterized by several interventions, such as the mayor, who has named the President's favorite son of the city.
Projects agreed at the investment forum in Dalian, China, included Chinese participation in the construction of a petroleum hub at Luba, an industrial city at Mbini, and a hydroelectric plant on the Wele River.
An oil refinery with production capacity of 22,000 b/d at Mbini was planned but now appears to have been shelved.
The moderate-risk category includes foci in Nola-Bilolo and Lobaye Prefecture (Central African Republic), Bipindi and Campo (Cameroon), Kango and Port Gentil (Gabon), Mbini (Equatorial Guinea), and areas in Bouenza and Gamboma (Congo).
Engineering, construction and services company KBR (NYSE:KBR) won a contract to provide a Conceptual Study and associated Project Management Services for the refinery at Mbini in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa from the country's Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy, the company revealed on Thursday.
La actividad docente e investigadora se desarrolla segun informan a traves de 25 departamentos en las sedes de Malabo y Bata y en las extensiones de Mbini, Mongomo, Ebebiyin y Luba.
Guinea Ecuatorial es un pequeno estado situado en el fondo del golfo de Guinea y comprende las islas de Bioko (antes Fernando Poo) y Pagalu (o Annobon) y la Region Continental, Rio Muni o Mbini, cada una de ellas con muy diferente grado de conocimiento opilionologico.
For example, the presence of pigs in Mbini focus of Equatorial Guinea is believed to be responsible for the persistence of infection despite several years of treatment (30).
The Government is currently working towards the diversification of the economy, and to that end there are various macro-projects in progress, such as the new industrial city in Mbini, or the huge petrochemical products factory on the Island of Bioko, in alliance with the Government of Saudi Arabia.
Some of the output is likely to be processed at a new oil refinery, which is being planned by KBR, at Mbini on the mainland.