Mbuji Mayi

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Mbu·ji Ma·yi

 (əm-bo͞o′jē mä′yē)
A city of south-central Democratic Republic of the Congo east of Kinshasa. It is a commercial center in a diamond-mining region.
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[beaucoup moins que] Bien avant de rejoindre Blida pour la finale de la Coupe de la CAF, le TP Mazembe passera 4 jours a Mbuji Mayi : face a Ocean Pacifique le jeudi 20 octobre et Sanga Balende le dimanche 23.
Raphael Ophthalmological Center (Mbuji Mayi, DRC) approved the study (no.
This schedule includes the asphalting of the Kananga to Mbuji Mayi road segment; the modernisation of the Kisangani-Komanda-Beni road network and the Komanda-Beni slip road; construction of the Kananga-Luiza-Kalamba Mbuji-Kapanga road; construction of the Niania-Bafwasende road segment (141km); construction of the Bafwansende-Kisangani road segment (200km); and the construction of the Goma-BeniKasindi road segment (440km).
These studies were conducted in Bukavu (South Kivu), (30) Bwamanda (Equateur province), (24) Kimpese (Bas Congo), (25) Kinshasa (Kinshasa province), (24) Kisangani (Orientale Province), (26, 30) Likasi (31) and Lubumbashi (26) (Katanga province), and Mbuji Mayi (Kasai Oriental).
1 launch of Congo Express, a joint venture with BizAfrika Congo that will serve Lubumbashi, Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi with a CRJ200.
CIELS (Democratic Republic of Congo) is an example of another national Business Coalition with a main office in Kinshaha and two provincial offices in Lubumbashi and Mbuji Mayi. It plans to open two additional offices in the provinces of Equateur and Kasai Oriental.
In this photo, Kamwala Bijicka, 13, carries a sack full of earth and rocks at the Matempu Mine near Mbuji Mayi, a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
New trade and service agreements were signed between Congo and Zimbabwe just prior to the announced withdrawal of ZDF troops from the diamond centre of Mbuji Mayi late in August 2002.
The diamond, from Mbuji Mayi, Zaire, has an age of 628 million years, far younger than all previously dated diamonds, which range in age from 3.2 to 2.4 billion years.