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In 1967, Marshall McLuhan said: "We shape our tools and, thereafter, our tools shape us." Except that it wasn't really McLuhan who said it.
It does so via an extended discussion of Marshall McLuhan, whose mythological account of the transformation of human experience by technology exemplifies the positive power of myth to illuminate and inform.
Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher stated that the communication theory has rightly new electronic independence which has re-created to the world as an image of a global village.
Finalmente, se ha desarrollado el diseno de una tabla con datos que proponen una interpretacion para la propuesta presentada en el articulo, que es inedito, innovador y ofrece subsidios para nuevos estudios que buscan una reorganizacion del concepto propuesto por Neil Postman y Marshall McLuhan en 1971.
In college, I was captivated by the ideas of McLuhan, a little-known English literature professor in Toronto who burst onto the scene in the 1960s with radical ideas about how the media was shaping our world.
Marshall McLuhan provides a framework for understanding the impact of new technologies in The Laws of Media (McLuhan and McLuhan 1992).
The company hails Canadian professor, philosopher, and media sage Marshall McLuhan as a man who asaw the internet coming a and predicted just how much impact it would have.aA
Google Doodle honored Herbert Marshall McLuhan, who is known for having one of the most significant predictions of the 20th century, on his 106th birth anniversary Friday.
Marshall McLuhan, whose early taxonomies of media so charged the 1960's, now offers a new schema that describes the operation, not only of media, but of all human processes, artifacts, and creations.
The 10 essays in this volume explore the impact on Canadian vorticism in the writings of Lewis, Marshall McLuhan, Sheila Watson, and Wilfred Watson.
A posicao de Teilhard de Chardin, vista acima, encontra eco e esta na base das ideias de Marshall McLuhan, outro pensador seminal para se compreender o que se passa no mundo hoje.
Rita Leistner, Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan: iProbes and Hipstamatic iPhone Photographs.