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A large new house, usually constructed as part of a suburban development and characterized by ostentation rather than quality of workmanship or architectural distinction.

[Mc(Donald's), trademark of a fast-food restaurant chain (from its mass-produced nature) + mansion.]
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(Architecture) informal derogatory a large modern house considered to look mass-produced, lacking in distinguishing characteristics, and at variance with established local architecture
[C20: a corruption of McDonald's, a major American fast-food enterprise noted for the ubiquity of its restaurants]
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That means I would limp away with $770,000 and, in addition to buying that McMansion I've been eyeing, I could buy the missus and me a pair of matching Jet Skis and a trailer and a new truck to pull it."
And if you're thinking of updating your own McMansion, here are some tips from Tracy and Jason:
And just like in high school, the object of my affection is rarely the picture-perfect hotshot--the captain of the football team or the turnkey McMansion. Where's the fun in that?
Located within Dogwood Canyon in northwest Fayetteville, the house denies the common "McMansion" typology of the surrounding context and instead creates useful, purposeful, and poetic spaces that capture the dynamics of the site while clearly organizing important interior and exterior spaces for the large family rendered in a simple, warm, and elegant palette.
Real estate listing company Zillow will not sue a blogger behind the satirical site McMansion Hell.
in a McMansion full of beige & chintz, presidents of this &
Meanwhile, Conor's coach John Kavanagh is happy his "software has been updated" after their training camp in the "McMansion".
Todd Chrisley, his second wife Julie and their younger kids live in a house big enough to be called at least a Mc-Drive-Thru, if not an out and out McMansion. Todd believes strongly in his way or the highway, but his kids find their metier trying and failing to outsmart him.
Now the era of the ever-expanding McMansion appears to be coming to a close.
I wonder how Carr feels now as he sits in his pounds 8.5million London McMansion he paid for in cash?
Real Estalker was reported to have described the five-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom, 7,014-square foot house as having 'not just an air of architectural authenticity but also suffers from, regrettably, the posture of a semi-suburban McMansion'.