McMurdo Sound

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Mc·Mur·do Sound

An inlet of the Ross Sea in Antarctica off the coast of Victoria Land. A US research and exploration base is here.

McMurdo Sound

(Placename) an inlet of the Ross Sea in Antarctica, north of Victoria Land

Mc•Mur′do Sound′

(məkˈmɜr doʊ)
an inlet of Ross Sea, in Antarctica, N of Victoria Land.
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A container ship follows an ice-breaker into McMurdo Sound once a year to deliver food.
She then describes the essentials of surviving the main places to visit and explore in Antarctica: the Peninsula, McMurdo Sound and the South Pole.
The cutter assisted by breaking a navigable shipping lane through 12 miles of ice in McMurdo Sound, encountering ice up to 10 feet in thickness.
The Polar Star left its home port of Seattle in early December to take part in one of its main missions, Operation Deep Freeze, to break a channel through the sea ice of McMurdo Sound to resupply and refuel the US Antarctic Programme's McMurdo Station on Ross Island.
Air New Zealand (ANZ) declared that it will carry a proving flight from Auckland to McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic on Oct.
The wreckage was seen by a United States search aircraft near Mount Erebus, not far from Scott Base in McMurdo Sound.
The bottles of Mackinlay whisky were among three crates that remained of the expedition, and were found in ice under the floorboards of Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds on Ross Island near McMurdo Sound in 2007.
When I first sailed into McMurdo Sound [where the Terra Nova dropped anchor] it was like sailing into one of my great-uncle's paintings.
40 Sedgefield) Has been given a break since failing to build on the promise of his hurdling debut over course and distance in September, when he looked booked for second spot behind the decent McMurdo Sound.
20 1 MCMURDO SOUND (IRE) (Keith Donoghue) 15-8F 2 Civil Servant (8-1) 3 He's Cool (7-1) 13 ran 31/2, 1.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: MCMURDO SOUND (4.