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 (mə-kär′thē), Joseph Raymond 1908-1957.
American politician. A US senator from Wisconsin (1947-1957), he presided over the permanent subcommittee on investigations and held public hearings in which he accused army officials, members of the media, and public figures of being Communists. His charges were never proved, and he was censured by the Senate in 1954.


, Mary Therese 1912-1989.
American writer noted for her sharp literary criticism and satirical fiction, including the novels The Groves of Academe (1952) and The Group (1963).


1. (Biography) Cormac. born 1933, US writer; his novels include Suttree (1979), Blood Meridian (1985), All the Pretty Horses (1992), No Country for Old Men (2005) and The Road (2006)
2. (Biography) Joseph R(aymond). 1908–57, US Republican senator, who led (1950-54) the notorious investigations of alleged Communist infiltration into the US government
3. (Biography) Mary (Therese). 1912–89, US novelist and critic; her works include The Group (1963)


(məˈkɑr θi)

1. Joseph R(aymond), 1909–57, U.S. politician.
2. Mary (Therese), 1912–89, U.S. novelist.
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Noun1.McCarthy - United States satirical novelist and literary critic (1912-1989)
2.McCarthy - United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communists (1908-1957)
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