Mead's milkweed

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Noun1.Mead's milkweed - milkweed of central North AmericaMead's milkweed - milkweed of central North America; a threatened species
milkweed, silkweed - any of numerous plants of the genus Asclepias having milky juice and pods that split open releasing seeds with downy tufts
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The number of milkweed species attacked by the stem weevil includes Mead's milkweed (Asclepias meadii), which is listed as a threatened species of plant (a risk level just below endangered) and is the focus of a federal recovery plan by the U.
Visitors may spot 30 species of mussels, including the "flat floater," 22 species of migrating warblers, bald eagle, peregrine falcon, Henslow's sparrow, Bell's vireo and Mead's milkweed.
Mead's Milkweed (Asclepias meadii) Mead's milkweed is a threatened plant found in eastern Kansas, Missouri, south-central Iowa, and southern Illinois.