Meal worm

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(Zool.) the larva of a beetle (Tenebrio molitor) which infests granaries, bakehouses, etc., and is very injurious to flour and meal.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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got busy baiting up a meal worm and I also prepared to cast a wacky worm for bass.
Twenty kilos of meal worm, 25,000 crickets and 50,000 cockroaches.
Viewers tune in nightly in their millions to watch the camp antics on the popular ITV show, revelling in the discomfort of the more squeamish celebs, faced with consuming unpalatable concoctions such as meal worm milkshake or seeing them reduced to near hysterics when coming face-to-face with a cage full of reptiles and critters and the perpetually smug Ant and Dec.
Suet balls and cake, quality bird seed, suet pellets, nuts and dried meal worm will attract starlings, robins, house sparrows, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, greater spotted woodpeckers, collared doves, jays, chaffinches, bullfinches, wrens, dunnocks and balckbirds.
The mum-of-two went back to the fast food chain to complain after finding the bug, which is thought to be a meal worm.
As the squeamish pair prepared to chow down on crickets, meal worm and locusts, Nadia added: "Somewhere in the world people eat these for dinner."
And as well as getting the chance to handle bugs, visitors can go to the BugWorld Experience Base Camp, to sample insect food delicacies from around the world, including chilli locusts, meal worm pancakes and oven baked tarantula.
``He has a fantastic singing voice - in robin language, he says `I'm ready for another meal worm' and throws in a few carols.
There will also be a chance to handle bugs such as the giant hissing cockroach, while the daring can head to the Bug World Experience 'base camp', to sample insect food delicacies from around the world, including chilli locusts, meal worm pancakes and oven-baked tarantula.
While there isn't a lot we can do to change the weather, there are things we can do to help the wildlife in our gardens survive a cold snap, including putting out energy-rich foods like meal worms and fat balls, making sure there's a supply of fresh water for drinking and bathing, providing nest boxes, and by planting pollen-rich flowers.
by ONA The interest in eating crickets, beetles, meal worms and more is part of a broader movement toward healthy and eco-conscious foods and for governments across the world.
Beagle and Husky the meerkats, and their swarms of pups, are given a Christmas tree decorated with spiralised root vegetables and crackers made of meal worms. Festive.