meals on wheels

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meals on wheels



(Social Welfare) (functioning as singular) social welfare Brit a service, usually subsidized, and run by a social services department or voluntary body, which delivers hot meals to elderly or housebound people who might otherwise be unable to have them
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rozvoz potravin
donáška jedla
muhtaçlara dağıtılan yemek


(miːl) noun
the food taken at one time. She eats three meals a day.
meals on wheels
free meals delivered by car etc to the elderly and the sick.
make a meal of (something)
to take more than the necessary amount of time or trouble over (something) or make (it) seem more complicated than it really is. He really made a meal of that job – it took him four hours!
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And that is where her Meals-on-Wheels delivery benefits his mother most, Solitro said.
More than 75% of meals-on-wheels recipients are over the age of 80; 12% are over 90; more than 100 have lived at least a century.
Summary: Councils are having to resort to emergency food provisions for thousands of people after the collapse of a meals-on-wheels company.
UP to 50,000 people could be eating a Meals-on-Wheels Christmas dinner alone.
Mary says: "Meals-on-wheels is a vital service and a lot of people absolutely depend on it.
But dieticians and people working with the elderly yesterday poured scorn on the idea, saying takeaway firms could not provide either the nutritional value or the social support of the meals-on-wheels service.
MEALS-on-wheels volunteer Elizabeth Roughley is finally retiring - at the age of 97.
Pressure groups for the elderly have warned that meals-on-wheels could be harmful to their health after a Midland council discovered food delivered to pensioners had poor nutritional value.