Mean error

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(Math. Phys.) the average error of a number of observations found by taking the mean value of the positive and negative errors without regard to sign.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The instrument measured the vertical water vapour profile, with less than 10 per cent mean error over a range of atmospheric conditions, as compared to profiles collected by airborne devices.
Thereby, it is possible to extract some values very useful for choosing the method, such as the mean error (ME), the standard deviation of mean errors (S[D.sub.ME]), the reduced mean error (RE), and the standard deviation of reduced mean errors (S[D.sub.RE]).
Lower mean error rates were seen for surgeons' SR notes versus those of other physicians (6.0 versus 8.1 percent).
Adjusting the old price by the average price change produces the smallest mean error, -$2.
The percentage of mean error for prediction of [C.sub.p] by various models and their standard deviation is shown in Figure 11.
A maximum mean error of 0.334 mm (SD = 0.257 mm) for experiment four is shown.
The maximum and minimum measurement errors rates are 5.358 percent and 0.001 percent, respectively with mean error measurement of 1.717%.
7 it could be noted that the absolute value of the mean error is at least 5 times smaller than the value of standard deviation for a given modulation index.

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