Mean proportional

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(Math.) the square root of their product.

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3D) 0.27 [+ or -] 0.08 b white noise 0.01 [+ or -] 0.01 c Significant differences occurred in the mean proportional response to different signals (Friedman's test statistic = 27.77, df = 4, p < 0.001).
Under the Barnett formula, cuts in English-only departments such as health and education mean proportional cuts in the amount of money heading to Wales.
The measure of mean proportional additional error of benefit transfer is also a measure of the mean proportional additional accuracy provided by conducting an original study.
Mean (95% CI) (a) Assay Mean (SD) Hcy, difference, method Anticoagulant [micro]mol/L [micro]mol/L HPLC(a) EDTA 10.9 (5.1) -1.8 ( 2.1 to 1.6) Acidic citrate 12.8 (5.5) HPLC(b) EDTA 14.1 (5.0) 2.8 (2.5-3.1) Acidic citrate 11.3 (4.7) FPIA EDTA 12.1 (5.5) -0.1 ( 0.3 to 0.0) Acidic citrate 12.3 (5.4) Regression Assay coefficient Mean proportional method (95% CI) bias, (b)% HPLC(a) 1.01 (0.96-1.07) -16 HPLC(b) 0.75 (0.72-0.78) 24 FPIA 0.95 (0.92-0.98) 2 Assay Lower limit of Upper limit of method agreement, % agreement, % HPLC(a) -40 15 HPLC(b) -4 62 FPIA -19 16 (a) CI, confidence interval; FPIA, fluorescence polarization immunoassay.
Organisms demonstrating increasing or decreasing annual resistance to a given antibiotic (p<0.05) were further described by calculating mean proportional resistance over the study period according to categories of hospital, ward, patient age (in 10-year intervals), and patient gender.
The mean proportional bid-ask spread was computed for each firm for the 52 weeks in the pretest period.
-- It is assumed that a sample region may be subjected either to "exhaustive search", in which case the number of animals found is Poisson distributed with a mean proportional to the population density [lambda], or else a cheaper sort of "cursory search", in which case the mean count is multiplied by an unknown "visibility" parameter p, between 0 and 1.
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