Mean-square error

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(Math. Phys.) the error the square of which is the mean of the squares of all the errors; - called also, mean square deviation, mean error.

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When estimating LASSO models for large cross-sectional data, the penalty rate is selected by retaining multiple hold-out samples and selecting the LASSO penalty rate that produces the smallest average mean-square error across the hold-out samples.
For image perceptibility, popular evaluation criteria are based on mean-square error (MSE), Euclidean distance (ED), peak- signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) and normalized correction (NC) [1, 2].
Common expression for estimation of minimal mean-square error of informative attributes selection is written down as:
He covers matched filtering, zero-forcing decision feedback equalization, linear equalization, minimum mean-square error and maximum likelihood decision feedback equalization, maximum likelihood sequence detection, advanced topics, and practical considerations.
When designing an adaptive algorithm, one faces a trade-off between the initial convergence speed and the mean-square error in steady state.
To model error after averaging of small number of samples N the mean-square error (MSE) was chosen as suitable parameter of dithering and averaging performance rating for finding an optimal noise dispersion.
RMSE: root mean-square error, MBE: mean bias error, MABE: mean absolute bias error, MPE: mean percentage error, and MAPE: mean absolute percentage error.