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n. Informal
A mean or petty-minded person.
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(ˈmiːnɪ) or


n, pl meanies
1. chiefly Brit a miserly or stingy person
2. chiefly US a nasty ill-tempered person
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Noun1.meanie - a person of mean dispositionmeanie - a person of mean disposition  
oppressor - a person of authority who subjects others to undue pressures
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إنْسان حَقير، خَسيس، أناني
kicsinyes ember
ahlâksız kimse


[ˈmiːnɪ] N he's an old meaniees un tío agarrado
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n (esp Brit inf: = miserly person) → Geizhals or -kragen m; (= nasty person)Miststück nt (inf)
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(miːn) adjective
1. not generous (with money etc). He's very mean (with his money / over pay).
2. likely or intending to cause harm or annoyance. It is mean to tell lies.
3. (especially American) bad-tempered, vicious or cruel. a mean mood.
4. (of a house etc) of poor quality; humble. a mean dwelling.
ˈmeanly adverb
ˈmeanness noun
meanie noun
(also meany) (slang) a mean, bad and selfish person.
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