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n.1.A boundary. See Mere.
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There are a couple of cafes in Thorpeness, including one just by the Meare boating lake.
You can row gently round the lake, known as The Meare, around willow-covered islands, spotting birds and frogs, an idyllic, sundappled silence interrupted occasionally by the gentle thwack of a golf ball on the neighbouring course.
(43) Lest readers misinterpret his description as praise or admiration, Nicolay concludes that the kadiaskers show 'in the[m] a great grauitie, ioyned with a fained holiness, casting foorth but few words', reflecting the 'euident and meare hypocrisie' of their 'lawe and religion altogeather'.
4 TAKE A PUNT ON THE WATER V 4 V 4 ISIT the picturesque Meare boating lake and its islands at orpeness.
His head in his hands "What am I doing in this god-forsaken land?" The headmaster had urged them Fight for your country Enlist now and heroes you will beLooking hard at Johnny - Come on Johnny begged We'll all be home for Christmas Please implored every lass So they went, the whole class The sergeant seeing the tired Young soldier looking so alone Said Kent when did you last write To your family back home I am sure your mum would like To know how you're getting on "How can I tell her," he replied All twenty boys who joined with meAre dead and gone, and soon I feel I will make it twenty one The sergeant felt a cold shiver Run down his spine Now son don't think like that For it is not your time!
Farmer Jane Pine, 59, of Meare Dairy Farm in North Curry, lost 200 acres but still managed to milk her 400 cows three times each day and take in cattle from flooded neighbours.
A systematic review of antimicrobials carried out by O' Meare revealed that antibiotics with wound dressing are not generally effective for management of chronic wound infection.
Some are already celebrated--the story of Eel Pie island is a history of '60s rock, and St Michael's Mount comes ready wreathed in myth and fable--while others deserve to be more so, such as Thorpeness Meare: an artificial archipelago intended by its founder, playwright Stuart Ogilvie.
8000 cal BP in Stellmoor (Hamburg, Germany) (RAUSING, 1967), but there are others like the Meare Heath bow, discovered in 1961 in a peat bog in Somerset (United Kingdom) (CLARK & GODWIN 1962), and the one found with the "Iceman" in 1991 in a melting glacier in the Tyrolean Alps on the Italian-Austrian border, dated ca.
-Els (7): meare 1 (H)/mearcian (V), price (N)/prica (N)/prician (V), raed 1 (K)/raedan (V), rec (N)/recan (V), smeoru (N)/smierwan (V), stice (N)/stician (V), wrid (N)/wridan 1 (V).