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Noun1.null set - a set that is empty; a set with no members
set - (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols; "the set of prime numbers is infinite"
ensemble négligeable
insieme nullo
zbiór miary zero
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Important -The positions 1 and 2 must be carried out with electrically adjustable treads to reach the locomotive body a "gap measure zero" (OSH).
The text covers sets and functions, Lebesgue measure, measurable sets, Borel sets, sets of measure zero, the integral, measurable functions, convergence theorems, convergence in mean, Fourier theory, calculus, change of variables, differentiation of integrals, integration of derivatives, and general measures.
Bell peppers measure zero on the scale, while jalapenos come in at around 5,000.
If the domain of T has a nonempty interior, the set is an F-sigma set; if in addition, X is a finite dimensional space, the set has Lebesgue measure zero.
And let [epsilon] > 0 be a given constant, then there exists a set E [subset] [0, 2[pi]) which has linear measure zero, such that if [phi] [member of] [0,2[pi])\E, there is a constant [R.sub.1] = [R.sub.1]([phi]) > 1, such that for all z satisfying arg z = [phi] and [absolute value of z] = r > [R.sub.1], we have
The underlying issue is that TM-15-11 requires that the zonal lumen thresh-olds for the BUG ratings be "based on data from [approved] photometric testing procedures." It is impossible to measure zero lumens, and measuring 10 or fewer lumens pushes the limits of what can be achieved in any laboratory.
As one will see, some of the identification problems deal with whether or not certain subsets of possibly nonlinear sub-manifolds of the structural parameter space are of measure zero. The second requirement in Condition 1 allows us to transform this problem to whether or not certain subsets of linear subspaces of the transformed space consisting of k x n matrices are of measure zero (see Appendix A for a detailed analysis on this issue).
Thus, firms will spend less than in the standard model except at a point of measure zero. (13) This is so for two reasons.
It is an important part of Kelly's methodology not to be satisfied with probability-one results and to give examples showing where sets of measure zero may have some role to play.
Further restrictions follow from the difficulty of providing adequate solutions to the very general measure zero problem (pp.
Furthermore both sides of (1.3d) are supported in !Mathematical Expression Omitted^, which has measure zero by Proposition 1.2.
The measure zeroes out Cannon's state budget for the 2013 fiscal year, which means the state would have to find a buyer and get the ink dried on the lease by June 30, 2012.