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Noun1.meat pie - pie made with meat or fowl enclosed in pastry or covered with pastry or biscuit doughmeat pie - pie made with meat or fowl enclosed in pastry or covered with pastry or biscuit dough
pie - dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
pasty - small meat pie or turnover
tourtiere - a meat pie that is usually eaten at Christmas in Quebec
shepherd's pie - pie of hash covered with mashed potatoes and browned in the oven
steak and kidney pie - steak with sauteed kidneys and onions cooked in wine and stock then covered with pastry and baked
kidney pie - like steak and kidney pie but without steak
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"And I'll have the meat pie ready for an early tea instead of for dinner," said Polly; and away she went, while he made his preparations to the tune of "Polly's the woman and no mistake", of which tune he was very fond.
The formality of spreading a tablecloth not being observed in Mr Riderhood's establishment, the serving of the 'peck' was the affair of a moment; it merely consisting in the handing down of a capacious baking dish with three-fourths of an immense meat pie in it, and the production of two pocket-knives, an earthenware mug, and a large brown bottle of beer.
They had a huge meat pie before them and were washing down prodigious slices of it with nut brown ale.
I paid sixpence more for my dinner, which was a meat pie and a turn at a neighbouring pump; and passed the hour which was allowed for that meal, in walking about the streets.
Linda and Tony Gilkes, from Thorntree, were refused meat pies before 9am in Berwick Hills Morrisons, Middlesbrough
SAY it softly for fear of insurrection; there are now no meat pies at the home games of Whitley Bay FC.
Elsewhere rising damp, dodgy (or possibly doggy) meat pies, and a flooded basement (courtesy of Nancy's DIY skills) the Carters can cope with.
According to, the Foundation says that an estimated 30,000 meat pies and 20,000 sausage rolls, with accompanying tomato sauce and hot chips will be served to footy fans at the MCG in Melbourne and ANZ Stadium in Sydney.
All kinds of crusts pair with all kinds of pie styles covering deep-dish creations, hand pies, turnovers, cobblers and individual meat pies, while pie creations are tailored to both experienced pie cooks and newcomers to pie recipes.
In Burkina Faso the farmhouse meat pies production became more and more important; many small enterprise are involved in it production.
The idea to bring savory meat pies to Bellingham came when Sharp returned from travels abroad about a year ago and asked where he could find a meat pie.
DING Junhui has donated the meat pies was given for winning the Pukka Pies UK Championship to a Sheffield charity after admitting trying to fool the weighing scales.