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n. Informal
The human central nervous system considered as a computing device or part of a computing device.

[On the model of hardware and software.]


1. (Computer Science) the nervous system of the brain, as opposed to computer hardware or software
2. (Computer Science) the programmers, operators, and administrators who operate a computer system, as opposed to the system's hardware or software


the human nervous system, esp. the brain, when thought of as functionally equivalent to computer hardware and software.
[1985–90; probably from the novels of Rudy Rucker, science-fiction writer and mathematician]
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Certainly a new commercial sector identified by the British journal The Economist (1993) as the meatware industry (meatware being the human beings who use the hardware and software on our behalf) falls into that category, and it has been identified as one of the hottest future growth industries.
Basically, neurons, and their associated meatware are still "macroscopic" as far as quantum physics is concerned.