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Caught between the Meccan enemies and unreliable partners whom the Qur'an called hypocrites, and being willing and ready to sacrifice their lives in case of all-out war with the opponents of Islam, the Prophet's followers were told to struggle at two levels.
The earliest surahs of the Meccan period are generally shorter and written in dynamic rhymed prose.
Even less possible to achieve is a broad acceptance of the total reconstruction of the legal laws of shari'a based only on the Meccan verses.
Palestinian Muslims have traditionally lived in happy religious moderation, unmoved by the fierce wild devotion of Gulf Islam: benignly uninterested in the pious debates of the Meccan clerics.
He began his Sufi studies under a series of masters in the Maghreb, and later, as a young man, made the Hajj pilgrimage, after which he lived in Mecca for three years and wrote his greatest work of mysticism, al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah ( The Meccan Illuminations ).
Their topics include the Meccan prison of 'Abdallah b.
As for the mal, Ibn Hisham's Sira is somewhat more specific: al-Hajjaj had null mutafarriq fi tujjar ahl Makka, or money scattered among the Meccan merchants.
Patricia Crone, Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam (NJ: Princeton University Press, 1987); see the review of it in R.
Cragg recognized that, when looking at the life of Muhammad, the Christian "must be honestly alert both to the realities of the Meccan situation and the power dimension as everywhere inescapable.
The buildings will have reasonable heights between 8 to 10 floors and will have the Meccan style," he said.
Ozcan comments that British non-interference in the religious practices of Muslims in India earned them the favour of some Meccan jurists who declared that British India was part of dar al-Islam.
And finally, the earlier Meccan suras of the Qur'an, delivered when Muhammad had little political or military power, offer a more irenic version of Islam--and its key concepts, like jihad--than the later, more militant Medinan suras.