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Noun1.Meccano set - a child's construction set for making mechanical modelsMeccano set - a child's construction set for making mechanical models
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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It's a bit of a Meccano set really, what I've done mainly is make it go a bit better because they are typically very slow and inconvenient in modern traffic.
ON Sunday morning I woke early with my son; we watched a film, struggled with a 40-year-old Meccano set, and planned what fancy dress outfit he would wear to his friend's birthday party later that day.
A giant crane and a collection of cherry-pickers are enabling workmen to put together the steel framework like a huge Meccano set.
Doug adds: "As a boy I also had a Meccano set and built model planes and model cars so I liked building things as did many children of my generation.
The giant metal Meccano set that fills one side of the training ground is the old David Beckham Academy Dome that has been taken apart and hauled down the A13 from London.
The plates are sculpted in a factory and finetuned by a surgeon to fit the contours of Meccano set.
They arrive in hundreds of pieces just like a giant Meccano set ready to be built.
I was thrilled by my Meccano set, and had extras bought for many successive Christmases.
I had a Meccano set when I was a lad, but I don't think that counts.
uk SELF-BUILD [bar] Budding mechanics will love this Meccano set.
His design, however, is far from new, for I made a very similar structure from my 1950s Meccano set which I thought had equal merit - if viewed in the right context.