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A subset of 1,000 defendants was then used to collect predictions from 400 people, recruited through Amazon's Mechanical Turk, a marketplace for online labour.
To test this, researchers compared the program's results to those of workers found online through the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowd-sourcing marketplace.
Farid, who teaches computer science at Dartmouth, and Dressel, who majored in computer science and gender studies at the same school, used Amazon Mechanical Turk in the study.
She did so by surveying 100 laypeople using the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing service.
Amazon Mechanical Turk requires from those often described as "click workers" to achieve short and repetitive tasks like the transcriptions of the sales of a panel of consumers through the picture of their bills, the decryption of a sound recording, a rough description of a picture or simply just answering a survey.
One such technological advance that provides new possibilities for the recruitment of research participants with disabilities, but must be used with caution, is Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).
Such heartfelt complaints are heard across much of the digital on-demand economy, whether at Mechanical Turk, TaskRabbit, Lyft, or Instacart.
Like Pinterest, many companies hire CrowdFlower, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, or other crowdsourcing services to clean up the data that must be fed into most AI systems in order to teach them the concepts and relationships they need to know for particular tasks.
But for a cybersecurity task, the average person on a crowdsourcing site like Amazon Mechanical Turk simply doesn't have the skillset to apply labels like "DDOS" or "exfiltration attacks," says Veeramachaneni.
Social science researchers are beginning to use Mechanical Turk with greater frequency as it is a useful and reliable place to post questionnaires to a large range of participants from all over the world (Horton, Rand, & Zeckhauser, 2011).
She tells the story of a young Indian entrepreneur and temp worker who organized a crew to manage digital tasks for Amazon Mechanical Turk.
New additions include articles on translational and qualitative research, advances in data collection methods such as Amazon s Mechanical Turk service and obtaining client feedback in psychotherapy, advances in mathematical and statistical modeling including single-case interventions, and new chapters examining questionable research practices and fraud.

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