Mechanical effect

effective power; useful work exerted, as by a machine, in a definite time.

See also: Mechanical

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The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy approach involved two mechanisms, namely the mechanical effect resulting from high atmospheric pressure and the physiological response.
This is due to the mechanical effect of ultra-sonic on the samples surface, in ultrasonic treatment the force is applied by formation of cavitation bubbles which considered being the main source of the chemical and mechanical effects of ultrasonic energy.
Simply because the size of the fiber is smaller than the wavelength of light that passes through it, light "spills out" due to a quantum mechanical effect akin to quantum tunneling.
A new article e-published in May 2015 in The Journal of Catheterization and Cardiovascular Intervention highlights the mechanical effect of orbital atherectomy and rotational atherectomy in treating heavily calcified coronary lesions, US-based medical device maker Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
Intra-abdominal pressure had a mechanical effect on the diaphragm which was suspected of being a major reason for the association of obesity with lung dysfunction.
The first is the mechanical effect of additional revenue flowing to the government as a consequence of the higher tax rate.
The pressurised water delivered by the LWP 1020 CB provides a better mechanical effect compared to a traditional water hose, which is the standard cleaning equipment in many smaller production areas.
There is a huge mechanical effect involved in RA and in any disease that affects the joints, so maintaining a healthy weight and muscle tone and strength are very important," says Dr.
The process would have a sorption-desorption mechanical effect on cellular structure.
Drainage of hydrosalpingeal fluid into the endometrial cavity may exert a mechanical effect by washing the transferred embryo from the cavity.
It seems to be related to the mechanical effect of obesity on the volume of the lungs," Dr.
The results of dispersion of the measurement of Braille font geometrical parameters before mechanical effect indicate that the deviation of the dot height from the average value is 0.

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