Mechanical solution

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(Math.) a solution of a problem by any art or contrivance not strictly geometrical, as by means of the ruler and compasses, or other instruments.

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Since the customer was looking for a mechanical solution for this finishing application, Rosier developed a finishing process around the R 150 DL-2 rotary vibrator, which has had success finishing orthopedic implants.
It doesn't necessarily have to be like the Falkirk Wheel, we would be looking for an innovative mechanical solution here, just like we are looking to do innovative and sustainable things all along the waterway.
Even if a fully mechanical solution is not feasible there are all types of products available to assist with manual handling such as lifting tables or work positioners that are easily manoeuvrable and can support various weights at different heights.
Vannevar Bush, vice-president of technology and dean of engineering, who under the Institute's program to eliminate delay and complications in engineering and research, has previously made important contributions to the mechanical solution of mathematical problems, including the famous differential analyzer.
This new machine is the first to solve this problem by combining the latest vision sensor technology with an innovative mechanical solution.
The main advantages of this system are: easy adaptation to existing baby or adult diapers lines; no speed limit because it is connected to the main machine drive; no waste of raw materials; the ears are adaptable to diaper size; it is a mechanical solution without servomotors and is price-competitive.
With the new range of Cermex SW case packers, the market now has an industrial undifferentiated mechanical solution for automating cardboard packaging, whether it be RSC or wrap around blanks.
There are certain applications where a mechanical solution is superior to a chemical solution.
If the answer is yes, then the need for mechanical engineering continues even in the absence of a purely mechanical solution.
The low-cost mechanical solution for employee vertical travel is said to be the company's employee belt manlift.
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