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Noun1.mechanic's lien - lien to secure payment for work and materials in erecting or repairing a building or other structuremechanic's lien - lien to secure payment for work and materials in erecting or repairing a building or other structure
lien - the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged
garageman's lien - the extension of a mechanic's lien to include payment for work on automobiles
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23 asking the court to grant a mechanics lien for just under $3.
A mechanics lien serves as a powerful tool for contractors, subcontractors and materials suppliers to secure payment for their work, labor or supplies.
can create and prepare Preliminary Notice, Mechanics Lien, Claim of Lien, Release of Lien, Waivers, Notice of Intent, Notice of Non Payment, Affidavits, etc.
1,600,000 construction completion loan to bond a mechanics lien and complete construction of an 8,200 s/f townhouse project to be marketed for sale on the Upper West Side in New York.
The Mechanics Lien Act permits "the contractor a lien upon the property where a benefit has been received by the owner and the value of the property has been increased or improved by the furnishing of labor or materials.
While describing the mechanics lien process in detail during the four-hour March 19 workshop, Managing the Mechanic's Lien Process in all 50 States, Ring stressed the critical importance of ensuring all components are in place.
The first mechanics lien law in Texas was passed in 1839, when the Congress of the Republic of Texas enacted "An Act for the Relief of Master Builders and Mechanics of Texas.
The broker's lien has become a powerful tool for brokers in that the lien has the same effect on property as a mortgage or the customary mechanics lien.
The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act (the "Act") offers important protection to parties that provide services, labor or materials for construction projects by granting them a right to record a mechanics lien against real property as a means to secure their right to payment.
Retention provides the owner and general contractor with money to correct defective work if a subcontractor abandons the project and provides funds to pay the mechanics lien claims of unpaid suppliers.