mechanism of action

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mech´an`ism of ac´tion

n.1.(Medicine, Biochemistry) The mechanism{2} by which a pharmacologically active substance produces an effect on a living organism or in a biochemical system; as, the mechanism of action of actinomycin involves its binding to DNA. The mechanism of action is usually considered to include an identification of the specific molecular targets to which a pharmacologically active substance binds or whose biochemical action it influences; a general recognition of the broad biochemical pathways (such as DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cholesterol synthesis) which are inhibited or affected by a substance is termed its mode of action.
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The organization said the mechanism of drug action, induction of sex hormone binding globulin and reduction of free testosterone, was confirmed by the cohort of patients receiving 125mg of GTx-758 treatment.
Although, the mechanism of drug action on DAT is unclear, DAT phosphorylation is associated with altered surface expression and DAT activity.
This helps in explaining the mechanism of drug action in a rational and focused way.
The funded SBIR proposes further studies in lead optimization, determination of the mechanism of drug action, and preclinical animal-based efficacy studies of PAN-811 as a neuroprotectant for ischemic- related disease.