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A lace in which the pattern details are defined by a flat thread. Also called maline.

[From Mechlin (Mechelen), Belgium, where such lace has traditionally been made.]


(Placename) the English name for Mechelen


(ˈmɛk lɪn)

1. French, Malines. Flemish, Mech•e•len (ˈmɛx ə lən) a city in N Belgium. 75,718.
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A more considerable degree of wandering attended the third repetition; and, after completing the fourth, she immediately added, "Only think, my dear, of my having got that frightful great rent in my best Mechlin so charmingly mended, before I left Bath, that one can hardly see where it was.
Koijee told a news conference on Wednesday, 28 February that he and the First Lady will lead a walk through from Broad and Mechlin streets intersection, in Monrovia where senior Managers of the Monrovia City Corporation, solid waste supervisors and community leaders would assemble for a parade through the major streets and hot spots for waste collection in the city, beginning at 7:00 A.
If we have the right to defend civil and religious liberty, so far as asserted in the Divine Government of men, and as not forbidden by any dogma of faith or law promulgated by Divine authority, at Washington, Baltimore, New York, London, Mechlin, Vienna, the Hague, St.
That night, The Maze--a small discotheque on Mechlin Street--was cramped.
Former Insurance Information Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Mechlin Moore, 87, died following a long battle with cancer.
David Mechlin, 28, of 387 Old Bay Road, Bolton, charged with possession of heroin, continued to June 9.
Osley said "Between 1532 and 1534, Mercator used to go off by himself to Antwerp, and perhaps Mechlin (sic), where he was in correspondence with the Minor Friars, one of whom, Franciscus Monachus, was a noted geographer .
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P77 Prevention of Pituitray Gonadotropin Supression During Exogenous Testosterone Replacement By Concomittent Aromatase Inhibitior Admininstration Clay Mechlin, Andrew R.
Old Honiton, Genoese and Mechlin are all forms of what?
a robe of silk or velvet, and laces of Mechlin or minionette--she supposed, as they were connected to the French, she .
In the early eighteenth century the Anjouan occupying forces, the council of Brabant, and local governments, compelled by economic and military factors, commissioned the construction of a network of surfaced roads that would connect major towns, including Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain, and Mechlin.