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A lace in which the pattern details are defined by a flat thread. Also called maline.

[From Mechlin (Mechelen), Belgium, where such lace has traditionally been made.]


(Placename) the English name for Mechelen


(ˈmɛk lɪn)

1. French, Malines. Flemish, Mech•e•len (ˈmɛx ə lən) a city in N Belgium. 75,718.
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A more considerable degree of wandering attended the third repetition; and, after completing the fourth, she immediately added, "Only think, my dear, of my having got that frightful great rent in my best Mechlin so charmingly mended, before I left Bath, that one can hardly see where it was.
During the presentation of materials on Mechlin Street, in Harper City, he challenged the community dwellers to use them for their intended purposes.
Their topics include justitia in commerciis: public governance and commercial litigation before the Great Council of Mechlin in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, the abandonment to the insurers in 16th-century insurance practice: comparative and (a few) methodological notes, the files and exhibits of the Imperial Chamber Court and Aulic Council as sources of commercial law, Svea Court of Appeal records as a source of commercial law: the founding year of 1614, and the rise of usages in French commercial law and jurisprudence from the 17th century to the 19th: vicissitudes of the Gorneau Draft.
That night, The Maze--a small discotheque on Mechlin Street--was cramped.
Former Insurance Information Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Mechlin Moore, 87, died following a long battle with cancer.
David Mechlin, 28, of 387 Old Bay Road, Bolton, charged with possession of heroin, continued to June 9.
Osley said "Between 1532 and 1534, Mercator used to go off by himself to Antwerp, and perhaps Mechlin (sic), where he was in correspondence with the Minor Friars, one of whom, Franciscus Monachus, was a noted geographer ..." (4) In relation to Fine's double heart shaped world map of 1531, Karrow said "The very prominent southern continent with its caption, 'The Southern Land, recently discovered but not yet explored', apparently derives from the globe of Franciscus Monachus." (5) There was also mention made of Franciscus in the first edition of Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, printed in 1570, which lists cartographical works consulted including "Franciscus Monachi Mechliniensis, Regiones Septentrionales; Antuerpiae, apud Sylvestrum a Parisiis." (6)
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Mechlin has come to Southern California to recover from neurasthenia, a