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n.1.A silver coin of Turkey formerly rated at twenty, but since 1880 at nineteen, piasters (about 83 cents).
2.A Turkish honorary order established in 1851 by Abdul-Mejid, having as its badge a medallion surrounded by seven silver rays and crescents. It is often conferred on foreigners.
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2000), the NNE-WWS trending Mecidiye fault, and the N-S trending Cavuscu fault.
Ilgin and its vicinity are located in a first-degree earthquake zone; are at the intersection of the Argithani, Mecidiye, and Cavuscu faults; are on the southeastern section of the active Sultandagi fault; and experience seismic movements in the range of 5.
The incident took place in Cibinlik Street in Mecidiye neighborhood at around 09:30 a.
Mecidiye and Gurruissuyu Barracks and Gumussuyu Military Hospital were the other large-scale buildings constructed in the Taksim district during the late Ottoman period.
Bu nedenle izgara sisteminde duzenlenmis parsellerden olusan Mamuretul Hamidiye, Mecidiye mahalleleri ile cogunlukla gayr-i Muslimlerin yasadigi prestijli bir konut alani olan Karakoy mahallesinin dokusu digerlerinden cok daha farklidir.
CONSTANTA, 31 August, 2011 (TUR) - Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Romanian citizens of Turkish and Tatar origin in Mecidiye town of Constanta and joined in the celebrations of the Ramadan Feast.
19) Das beruhmteste Beispiel fur die osmanische Stadtplanung der damaligen Zeit bildet Mecidiye (Medgidia), benannt nach Sultan Abdulmecid, das 1856 auf der Strecke zwischen Cernavoda und Kostence (Constanja) gegrundet wurde.
Earthquake risk assessment of the collections housed at the annexed building of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums; earthquake performance assessment and preparation of structural seismic retrofitting designs of the Mecidiye Kiosk of the Topkapi Palace Museum, annexed building of the Istanbul Archeological Museums, Hagia Sophia Museum and Saint Irene Museum in Istanbul were included in the project.
Ayse Unal, who was responsible for Mecidiye Mansion where the director was having his breakfasts, was sent to Yildiz Palace.
Contract Awarded for 4 ~Third Mknz P Tug K League Mecidiye Local Training Center Command Underground Receipt of Electricity Lines, Renovation of Electrical Installation of Buildings and Facilities.
Queen Elizabeth's target was Mecidiye fort while the other vessels Lord Nelson would bomb the Namazgah fort and Inflexible's object was Hamidiye fort.
Aziziye and Mecidiye bastions that witnessed Ottoman-Russian war in 1877 and 1878, are two most visited tourist sites in the city.